Spa Body Therapy

Once experienced, you will understand the therapeutic value of time spent relaxing under the hands of an experienced therapist. Completely unwind in a candle lit room of scented oils and relaxing music where you can shut out the stresses of the outside world and focus solely on the renewal of your mind, body and spirit.
Students receive 10% off all Services (excluding Nail and Make up Services or Packages)
Back Blitz Cleanse$85.00 50 Minutes
Focusing on the back and shoulders, this deep cleansing treatment is ideal for those hard to reach skin problems. The treatment consists of vigourating exfoliation with mineral salts, using the ozone and steam, to help prepare the skin for any needed extractions. Followed by a customised serum and masque leaving your back refreshed.
Aromatherapy Body Exfoliation$95.0045 Minutes
This treatment demineralises the epidermis along with detoxifying, smoothing and refining the entire body. Mineral rich sea salt, dried seaweed and fruit enzymes, polish away the skins dull, dry outer layer, the mineral sea salts are removed by hot aroma towels to revealing silky smooth skin. Followed by application of a customised essential moisture body lotion.
Or for an extra$25.00
Spray tan can be applied to give you that extra glow.