Spray Tanning

To create the beautiful Aussie Tan we utilise the latest spray technology to ensure flawless even results every time.  The application is super quick and takes seconds to dry.  It can last up to ten days with correct care, fading gradually and evenly.


LUXE 20 MINUTE RAPID TAN – The Naked Tan solution contains a combination of organic and natural ingredients with zero nasties.  Enriched with Aloe Vera and Green Tea extract this product will moisturiser your skin while locking in your tan.  With the quickest developing time on the market the 20 MINUTE rapid tan will give you a glow on the go. We also use Fake Bake Spray Tan which has a developing time of 6 hours for the fair complexion that is hard to tan, which will give you a natural glow. Available Fair/Med or Dark.
• Exfoliate your skin whilst showering using MANCINE Hot Salt Body Scrub. Exfoliation removes dry, dull and aged skin cells ensuring a longer lasting spray on tan result and even fade off.
• Any hair removal services, such as shaving or waxing should be performed the day before your appointment.
• On the day of your appointment, shower prior using the MANCINE Skin Wash to restore your skins pH balance to normal levels ensuring even colour development.
• After showering do not apply anything to your skin such as moisturiser, deodorant, perfume or makeup as any product residue on the skin will hinder the end tanning result.
• We will supply disposable G-strings and hair caps, however, if you prefer, you may bring a dark coloured bathing suit or underwear.
• A professionally applied Spray tan takes between 20 mins to 6 hours to fully develop, depending on the Professional Spray formula we recommend on the day.  We recommend that you do not shower, swim or do any physical activity that may cause perspirations, or apply any products to your skin during the development time.
• Once your Spray on tan has fully developed, you may resume your normal daily routine.
• When showering we recommend that you use your MANCINE Skin Wash to cleanse your skin, as this non-soap, non-citrus based formulation gently and effectively cleanses without stripping the tan.
• After showering, pat your skin dry with your towel, rather than rub. Once dry, apply MANCINE Body Butter everyday to maintain your tan.
Students receive 10% off all Services (excluding Nail and Make up Services or Packages)
Luxe 20 min Rapid Tan$30.00
Spray Tan (Half Body)$20.00
Lovely Legs $15.00
Fake Bake (6hr)$25.00
Buy 6 x Spray Tan (full body) Get 2 Free$180.00